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The Creative Chase

Jul 31, 2020

**SPOILER ALERT** We are diving into the first season of Netflix's show- Never Have I Ever. It's Devi's sophomore year of high school and after a traumatic last year, she is determined to make this one her best yet. We talk all the family drama, the love triangle and of course, team Paxton or team Ben?

Jul 29, 2020

Ahhhh the infamous DMs... do we slide in or no? We know how it feels to want to DM somebody but not knowing what to say, and we also know how it feels to get an unwanted DM. Both can be a cringe situation. We are talking about both sides of the DMs and our best advice how to properly slide into somebody's DM.

Jul 15, 2020

Today is our first poddie nugget, aka, solo podcast! Taylor goes into details about the most frequently asked questions as a photographer. What camera do I get? Lens? How do I edit photos? How do I make friends in the industry? All of those questions plus some of yours!

Jul 8, 2020

Let's be honest here and call modern day dating for what it is.... scary. I mean, maybe not horror film scary, but you know what we mean. Dating is hard, and with that come so many stories of dates gone bad. We asked you guys to send in your stories so we could spill your tea and you did not disappoint! Join us today...

Jul 1, 2020

It has been just over a month since the death of George Floyd. While there has been days and days of protests, brands being called out on social media and a seemingly anonymous cry for change, what really has changed? Today we wrap up our few racism focused episodes discussing what has changed and what we need to do...