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The Creative Chase

Jan 27, 2021

2020... ammirite? Do we really need to say more? It was a big year- filled with lots of ups, downs, sideways, you name it. We wanted to come back to the podcast with a fresh start and a recap of 2020 as a whole. We also individually share our personal lessons from the year. Its a long one so grab some popcorn!

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Jan 20, 2021

Being a creative- especially multi-passionate ones- you can find yourself in the hustle mindset far too often than you'd like. How can we shift our focus away from working 24/7 to a healthy balance? On todays episode we are talking about the art of guilt free resting!

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Nov 8, 2020

We live in a day and age where self care is heavily suggested and promoted. Trust us, we are allll for self care, but when does it become self obsession? Where do we draw the line between taking time for ourselves in a healthy way versus a little too much time? Grab a cup of tea because we are getting into the details...

Oct 7, 2020

Sometimes we focus so much on how little squares look next to one another. So much so that we forget the joy of simply creating. But how do you find and share the balance between a perfectly curated feed and the reality behind the digital curtain?

In this weeks episode we are sharing some tips on how to achieve a...

Sep 23, 2020

Lets talk about looooveeeeee. Yes love. Today we break down the five different love languages, what our personal ones are and how that plays out in our lives!